Rachel Lovelock Midwife


Luise Brandt (Midwife) and I run a shared antenatal clinic from MAMA Maternity twice per week.

Our clinic days are Tuesdays between 1pm-5pm and Thursdays between 9am-1pm.

The booking appointment takes an hour and if you have seen your GP first please bring any scans or blood results. If this is not your first baby and you have access to your previous notes it is useful to bring these.

Your appointments will include the following:

  • Discussing your pregnancy and answering any questions

  • Reviewing blood results

  • Checking your blood pressure

  • Urine testing

  • Checking your weight

  • Assessment of your growing baby

  • Checking your baby's heartbeat

  • Referral to other services

Generally, we will meet:

  • Monthly from booking to 28 weeks.

  • Once a fortnight until you are 36 weeks.

  • Weekly until your baby arrives.

Most antenatal appointments will take approximately 30 minutes.

Please note that due to the unpredictable nature of childbirth from time to time we may need to reschedule your appointment.

Please always check your phone on the day of your appointment.